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If you’re new to my books, you’ll notice I love to write in various genres.

Below you'll find non-fiction books about writing, house sitting, happiness, plus a few of the early books from my Chick Lit with Cosmic Grit line of fiction.

I’ve got plans to add more books about happiness, as well as lots more fiction. If you haven’t already joined the mailing list for book release news, you can do that below. By subscribing, you'll be entering the monthly contest, with 5 great prizes to choose from.

Enjoy! ~ Crystal

Crystal's books



A simple trick for happiness you can use almost anywhere, anytime



Learn to excel at house sitting from a successful full-time house sitter!



Writing as Milli Thornton. Includes a workbook to help you implement your time management choices.



Crystal poured all her own writing happiness into this little manual

8 Secrets for Being
a Happy Writer

Coming soon $2.99



How far will she go for the right man? And for the fun she’s been missing?



Are women really too sensitive and over-reactive? Or are men too clueless and emotionally unevolved?



Guilt with a capital G has got Astrid living in the basement of her life. . . .



Reader's Rave

Suzanne Marcoux

Was looking into what the next chapter in my life would be and Crystal's book fell into my lap.

Vision Quest

I'm not normally a chick lit fan but this book was great and I'd love to see it turned into a series.

Jeanne Andrus

I really like this book. About a 30-minute read—invest your lunch time to change your life.

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