8 Secrets for Being a Happy Writer


This is not what you're expecting.

This book is different. It's a book about happiness, not success.

(They're not the same thing—even if you believe success is what will make you happy.)

There's so much advice coming at us from the writing industry—but, think about it. Almost none of it is about how to be a happy writer. It's all aimed at getting published and marketing yourself as an author.

Nothing wrong with that. But what if you could be happy BEFORE you reach the success you've been dreaming of? Wouldn't that enrich your success even more?

And wouldn't a little happiness make you want to write even more?

Crystal Gabrielle has devoted years to developing herself as a happy writer and helping others go there too. She decided to finally bring it all together in a little manual for happiness.

You don't have to suffer to be a writer! (Unless you want to.)

What this book WON'T show you:

  • How to write an opening hook - Nope!
  • How to structure your novel - Nope!
  • How to build your author platform - Nope!
  • How to query literary agents - Nope!
  • How to pitch an editor at a writing conference - Nope!

What this book DOES offer:

  • Where to go to reconnect with your deepest writing self
  • How to easily reach a mild state of euphoria
  • Where to look to discover a free writing retreat
  • What to avoid that can suck the joy out of your writing life
  • What to let go of that may be blocking you
  • How to turn the dross from your life into gold
  • An easy way to liberate yourself
  • How to write without inhibitions

If you'd rather read another how-to book for the hard facts of how to succeed, then don't waste your time downloading this book.

But if all those how-to books are starting to overwhelm you, open your mind and discover how to think, act and feel differently about yourself as a writer.

Ready to become a happy writer?


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