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Crystal Gabrielle

CRYSTAL GABRIELLE is a happy writer, a lover of journaling, passionate coach and fierce advocate for creativity and intuition.

She gives intuitive readings using the oracle deck she created herself.

Twenty years ago Crystal set off to become the happy writer she longed to be—and help others do the same.

Now she’s a full-time house sitter, creative writing coach, spiritual book coach, accountability coach, travel blogger, and aspiring screenwriter.

She's the author of House Sitting Secrets Revealed, 8 Secrets for Being a Happy Writer, Five Cards of Destiny and more.

She's pictured here at Natural Bridges Beach in Santa Cruz, California during one of her house-sitting jobs.

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Clarity Sessions

We're all busy looking for success and happiness—BUT we may be neglecting one of the most powerful tools that can help us get there. A clarity session will focus you like a laser.


Crystal loves her work as a creative writing coach, spiritual book coach, accountability coach, and senstive editor. She also offers book development. (dba Milli Thornton @ Write More Words)


On the blog, Crystal shares anything from where she gets her inspiration for her characters and storylines to inspiration for you to live a happier life full of the things you most love.


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