Crystal Clear


7 Benefits of Having More Clarity in Your Life

Clarity is underrated.

Clarity could do with having its own PR person to help it gain more exposure.

We're all busy looking for success and happiness—BUT we may be neglecting one of the most powerful tools that can help us get there.

It's not about what you DON'T want

Sometimes it can be harder knowing what you really want than what you DON'T want.

We all think we know what we long for, but stop and think. Can you state what you really want without a list of all the things you don't want?

Or perhaps you know deep down what you really want . . . but you believe it's impossible, so instead you'll come out with what you think you should want that seems more attainable.

Either way, clarity can help you shed the mental fog that keeps you stagnating where you are. When you know how to identify and focus on what's really important, you can take steps to change your life.

Having more clarity in your life will allow you to . . .

. . . know what you really want from deep down inside, rather than what you think you should want

. . . be able to write down or voice what you really want without all the negatives

. . . accomplish inner shifts that may have been eluding you

. . . develop a vision that will inspire you instead of overwhelming you

. . . focus your efforts in the right direction

. . . recognize the change that will come in support of your newfound clarity

. . . remind yourself at crucial moments what's most important, and then prioritize according to that

Sometimes having clarity even helps the wrong things just fall away.

That's what happened for me. It's a wonderful feeling.

And that's when I realized just how powerful clarity really is.

~ Crystal Gabrielle

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