Crystal's coaching services

(#1 thru 5 are dba Milli Thornton)


1. Creative Writing Coach

2. Accountability Coach

3. Spiritual Book Coach

4. Book Development

5. Sensitive Editing

6. Crystal Clear clarity sessions


For writers who want to start or finish a novel, screenplay, memoir or other substantial writing project. Also for writers at any level who are suffering from procrastination, perfectionism, not knowing where to start, having trouble finishing, wanting to find your writing voice or any other issue that has been blocking you from doing the writing you want or need to do. Click here to request your 1-hour FREE consultation


"When all your family and friends are tired of hearing you whine about your unfinished project, it’s time to hire an accountability coach! My poor husband couldn’t take it anymore. My friends’ response was “Are you still working on that project?” My grown children would roll their eyes and say “Just finish it already!!!” But the more I procrastinated, the worse it became. Thank goodness I found Milli Thornton to act as my accountability coach."

— Andrea Gunning, New Mexico


for all spiritual, Christian & New Age writers with a book in their heart

"During the free one-hour consultation all she said about my topic was, “That’s a subject near to my heart.” During the Introductory Coaching week, I learned how modest that was. Millii is extremely gifted, able to communicate with the Angels, and very intuitive. I learned as much about intuition and communicating with Angels that week as I did about writing."

— Cindy Christman, Ohio


Book development at Write More Words is available in three areas:

  • Developing your book idea;
  • Overview critique of an existing manuscript;
  • One-on-one support for developing your manuscript to its full potential.

Visit the site to find out which one is right for you and to request a 1-hour FREE consultation.


"I just looked over what you sent back to me and it looks amazing! I’m overwhelmed and insanely grateful to you for taking what I’ve written and turning it into something people will want to read. Hopefully some of the people I know who were seeking an editor retained your services after my recommendation. If not, they’re fools!"

— Catherine Nichols, San Diego, California


We're all busy looking for success and happiness—BUT we may be neglecting one of the most powerful tools that can help us get there. Clarity can help you shed the mental fog that keeps you stagnating where you are. And having clarity can also encourage the wrong things to just fall away. . . .

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