Five Cards of Destiny

How far will she go for the right man?

And for the fun she’s been missing?

Gina Clove is an office girl with a secret life. A burdensome secret life—but one that could be turned to her advantage if only she'd put her true skills to work.

Gina is a psychic empath. At 24, she hasn’t learned yet how to protect herself from the onslaught of psychic input. She also has some strict but mixed-up values about “cheating”—vowing that she never uses her psychic skills to pry.

When a university professor with fireworks in his aura tries to help her write her dreaded business plan, Gina is triggered in so many ways it sets her off like a cannonball in search of its target. Quite by accident, she discovers her own personal key to fun—something that could even become a fun career—but pursuing it gets messy and comes with some prickly consequences.

Gina also discovers an unspeakable dimension of cosmic bliss . . . but she finds there’s a price to pay for that, as well.

If you enjoy passion, risk and intensity, as well as a few tongue-in-cheek nods to the bodice-ripper, you’ll love Five Cards of Destiny.


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