House Sitting Secrets Revealed

Learn to excel at house sitting from a successful full-time house sitter

House sitting is a brilliant way to . . .

. . . save yourself money, see your own country or the world, live in lovely houses, meet wonderful people, hang out with delightful pets, receive accolades, compliments and gifts, and put more adventure into your life.

It’s also a big responsibility to be in charge of someone else’s house, property and pets. This book goes beyond the image of lying around the pool at a succession of Italian villas to give you the hard-hitting version--from a successful full-time house sitter.

If you want to become a successful house sitter, this book will show you the ropes. Everything from how to find the house-sitting jobs that suit you best to creating a compelling profile and standing out from the pack.

Drill down to the specifics

Specific chapters also demonstrate the best ways to fill your house-sitting calendar. You, too, can get back-to-back house-sitting jobs and do it full-time if you want.

This easy-to-read manual gives you all the tips and techniques you’ll need to shine on the job. Striving for excellence as a house sitter leads to great references, referrals and repeat clients. And that means more adventure and savings for you!

45 chapters and 56,000 words

Crystal Gabrielle has poured everything into this report that she’s learned on the job. There’s even a chapter about developing your self-confidence as a house sitter.

Ever read a “how-to” book and been overwhelmed afterwards? You won’t have that problem here. The Quickie Summary at the end of the book will review everything for you. And three bonus, printable chapters will help you take positive action toward your house-sitting dreams!

The 3 bonus chapters (another 4,600 words):

Your Action Steps Checklist

Your Tool Kit

Your Medicine Kit

Who is this book for?

  • Are you longing to break into house sitting but not sure where to start?
  • Do you need a safe way to figure out whether house sitting is for you—before taking the plunge?
  • Have you dabbled in house sitting for family or friends but you’d love to know how to go full-time?
  • Have you committed to becoming a full-time house sitter but you want to assure your greatest success?

If you answered "Yes!" to any of these questions, then this book is ideal for you.

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