Happiness in 2 Minutes

A Simple Trick You Can Use Almost Anywhere, Anytime


Activate your inner feelings of happiness the fast and easy way

Quick and fun to read. The 2-minute technique you'll learn is extremely simple. You won't have to clean out your closets, go on a long inner journey, take up meditation or start doing volunteer work in your spare time. This book is different.

With an easy little thing known as "BIH" (Breathe in Happiness) that you can do almost anywhere, anytime, you'll transform your negative emotions to happier feelings in next to no time. Keep doing it and you'll reach a new "set point" of happiness.

It only takes 30 seconds to learn BIH. You just need to be willing to try it.

This engaging book offers you stories of real people who've tried it for themselves and found that it really works.

To give you a taste of the easy inner transformation that awaits you:

  • Quick Introduction
  • Breathe In Happiness! (the 3 steps)
  • How to Practice the 3 Basic Steps
  • How or Why Does BIH Work?
  • K.I.S.S. the Frog
  • Smile, you’re on the radio!
  • Every Time You Do It, You Go Up the Happiness Scale
  • Using BIH for Pain or a Physical Condition
  • Using BIH for Emotional Stress
  • Various Ways to Practice BIH
  • When BIH Doesn’t Seem to Work
  • Replacing Happiness with Another Desired Quality
  • How Long & How Often?
  • 2 Simple Tricks for Doing BIH Often Enough to Transform Your Emotions
  • Sometimes There’s a Delay
  • Noticing Your Progress

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