How to Beat Procrastination

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Excellent, high-value ebook!

— Sue Mitchell, Grand Junction, Colorado


Another dang book about procrastination?

Yep, and this one works. In a flash.

It takes the average reader about 15 minutes to read it. The easy, simple and fast little trick you'll be learning may even seem TOO simple. But your results will speak for themselves.

"This free e-book netted me over $600. It only took me one hour and ten minutes to complete the project I'd been putting off for two-and-a-half YEARS."

— Catherine Nichols, San Diego, California

Sound like a fake testimonial? I wouldn't blame you for assuming as much. When a reader emailed me claiming the title "Queen of Procrastination," these words were part of her amazing success story, complete with Before & After pics.

What this ebook WON'T make you do:

  • Delve into the Freudian reasons why you procrastinate - Nope!
  • Get hypnosis for your chronic procrastination - Nope!
  • Listen to a guided meditation every day - Nope!
  • Use mind mapping software to categorize your projects - Nope!

What this ebook DOES offer:

  • A simple trick you can use for almost any kind of stuck project
  • An easy way to remember how to get unstuck the next time
  • Motivational stories illustrating how easily it works
  • An upbeat approach that will leave you energized
  • A gentle challenge at the end of the book to get you kick-started

If you'd rather read another psychology book analyzing why your childhood is at the root of your procrastination (which it probably is), then so be it.

But if you'd finally rather just Get Stuff Done or Live Your Dreams, then this little 15-minute ebook will be perfect for you.

(Don't worry. This is NOT another book about positive thinking.)

Download it today, try the magic trick, and start feeling better

• 15 mins average reading time

• 43 pages • illustrated

• eye-friendly font

• easy to read on your phone

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