How to Test a Good Girl


Guilt with a capital G has got Astrid living in the basement of life. . . .

Astrid Travestino is unwillingly beset by a “7”—the Perfect Man. Blue-eyed Chris Aldrich has a heart for unusual pets, a whiz-kid talent for numerology, and his birth number 7 comes loaded with benefits.

But numerology is “fortune telling.” And fortune telling is a sin.

Astrid knows this because she’s a Good Girl in every way. When she was just eight years old, God Himself sent down a thunderous warning to be good, or else.

Astrid has inherited her biggest sin from her mother and Italian grandmother, and this is just one of the many sources of guilt in her life.

Who will save Astrid’s soul? Rent-a-priest with his purple Camaro and wandering hands? Her mother’s favorite-boy numerologist? Her best friend’s “life design” coaching? The sexy biker boy who knows what to do with a woman’s body?

Or, with tests pelting her from seemingly every direction, can she somehow save herself?

Spiked with wicked humor as well as heartwarming moments, don’t miss this tale of love and redemption by unexpected means.

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