Sarcastic Husbands


Are women really too sensitive and over-reactive?

Or are men too clueless and emotionally unevolved?

This age-old burning question is put to the test with humor and heartache in another cosmic grit tale from Crystal Gabrielle.

Three married couples are living (almost) happily ever after in Starfish Beach, Oregon. B&B owner Max Bishop and his writer/artist wife Joelle gather with their closest friends to celebrate their 7th wedding anniversary.

Coast Guard Bobby Holden and his face reader/astrologist wife Gwen are there. Photographer Nico Zucchero and his wife Dixie, owner of a New Age store, also attend the celebrations.

Max is almost the perfect husband. But at the wrong moment for Joelle, he indulges in some recreational sarcasm. Nico and Bobby egg him on, enjoying Max’s debacle entirely too much.

This is the final straw in an ongoing conflict. During an emergency wives’ summit, Joelle proposes war.

Beyond the hijinks ranging from snark to silliness to tasteless guy humor, the depth of emotion felt by every character eventually surfaces, revealing the scars that need to be healed.

But can sarcasm ever heal anything?


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