Writing Coach

(dba Milli Thornton)

For writers who want to start or finish a novel, screenplay, memoir or other substantial writing project. Also for writers at any level who are suffering from procrastination, perfectionism, not knowing where to start, having trouble finishing, wanting to find your writing voice or any other issue that has been blocking you from doing the writing you want or need to do. Click here to request your 1-hour FREE consultation

for all spiritual, Christian & New Age writers with a book in their heart

"During the free one-hour consultation all she said about my topic was, “That’s a subject near to my heart.” During the Introductory Coaching week, I learned how modest that was. Millii is extremely gifted, able to communicate with the Angels, and very intuitive. I learned as much about intuition and communicating with Angels that week as I did about writing."

— Cindy Christman, Ohio